Close to the YulongRiver,Uncle Feng's inn is 9 km of north Yangshuo west street, and nestles itself in a 600-year-old village called “Yulong”, which literally means “meet with dragon”. The Fengs family has resided in this village for 500 years.

The best way to explore the area is when you go slow,so either go hiking, cycling or on a bamboo rafting.
The comfortable rooms with en-suite bathroom and walk-out terrace with your own private view of the waterfall gardens.
In our DVD-room you can watch movies, read and exchange books, play games and use the internet.
We have a full Chinese kitchen and a refrigerator for guests to use. Chinese meals can be prepared for the guests by our staff upon request or by the guests if desired.

【Get in】
* From Airport (72KM)
After you arrive at the Guilin Airport, you can choose to take a Airport Bus to Guilin ,the bus fare is CNY 25.00 (paid on the bus) ,then ride another bus to Yangshuo.
You also can choose to rent a taxi to Yangshuo ,from airport to F Hotel just 50 mins (By high way) .We can provide airport pick-up service if needed,an additional charge will be required. (CNY260, 4 person van,email us is fine. )
* From Guilin (55KM)
There are frequent buses that travel to Yangshuo from the square in front of the Guilin (South) Railway Station. All buses terminate the route at the Yangshuo Bus Terminal and via Baisha town. The bus tickets is CNY 20.00 ,paid on the bus,every 15 mins have one. The journey could take 1 hour from Guilin to Baisha.
* From Yangshuo (9KM)
6AM--6PM,there have minibus from Yangshuo→Jinbao via F Hotel,the bus tickets is CNY 7.00,paid on the bus.
Or you can rent a taxi instead of( CNY40).
【Near by】Our Garden is located in the small village of Yangshuo. Everyone here is friendly. The village is surrounded by farmland and mountains that make Yangshuo so famous.
Dragon Bridge, 600 meters
This 600-year-old stone arched bridge is among Guangxi's largest and comes with higgledy-piggledy steps and sides that lean inwards with age.

Shangri-La, 4 km, 20 minutes away by bicycle
It is an area with mountains, caves, bridges, rivers, houses, and people who practise delightful local customs, a place that will give you everlasting memories. The happinesss and the bitter mess of life can all be found at Shangri-La.

1.please take your passport with you(not the copy),if not you are not allowed to check in.
2.We accept only cash in local currency.
3.Although the roads coming in and out of our village are perfectly safe, the roads at night time can be pitched black due to the lack of street lights in the area. But we can provide you with free torches if you want to walk to take a moonlit stroll or are walking back from another place at night.

Private Single Rooms: with one 1.8 meters Bed, CNY260

Private Twins Rooms: Two 1.2 meters beds, CNY280

【Budget Tours We Organize】
* Airport pick up and transfer
* Dragon's Backbone Rice Terrace Tour
* Chinese cuisine Cooking Courses
* Cormorant fishing show
* Impression Liu Sanjie light show
* Cheapest Li River Cruise Tour
* Flight/Bus to Shenzhen\Guangzhou\Hongkong
* Laundry Facilities
* Bike hire service
* Free Library (A good selection of English Books and Guide Books)

* Rice harvest
In Yangshuo ,the local farmers still keep the primitive cultivation way to harvest paddy rice manually.
From July 20th to October, you can visit the Yulong village in the morning to watch the cultivation by local people and you will be warmly welcomed to try it out and experience this traditional way of harvesting.
* Visit the winery
As with Guilin, the local drink is Osmanthus wine(Guihua-Rice-Wine),a sweet light tasting and a very nice osmanthus smell,with colors varying from pale yellow to yellow, 25%–45% ABV, which in turn has a higher alcohol content than beer (usually 4%–12%). This Osmanthus wine flavours rice wines with full osmanthus blossoms and is traditionally consumed during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Next to the F hotel there is a traditional rice wine factory.They still make rice wine here in a traditional way.You can taste the osmanthus wine yourself, and even see how wine is made in the winery. If you want to visit the winery, please ask one of the staff. 
  How to make rice wine
Osmanthus Wine
* Chinese cuisine Cooking Courses

Learn to cook Chinese cuisine in our villa with a beautiful mountain-spring scene.
In exploring the local cuisine, you are invited to a shopping tour at Baisha market, the biggest local agricultural products market in Guilin,which will definitely prove itself a rewarding experience for you to find out those raw ingredients used in Chinese dishes.

You can choose from our two alternative cooking courses offered in Baisha(白沙)market days. And these operate on a three-day ,monthly cycle .Thus,markets take place every three days starting on the first of the month for Baisha(1,4,7,11,14,17,21,24,27).There are no markets on the 10th,20th,30th and 31st of the month.The villa owner personally illustrates both courses, so that you will be able to reproduce real Chinese food when you return home.

【Contact us】
Address:No.16 Yulong village,Baisha town,Yangshuo, China 541901
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